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The Bomore Fund is an actively managed fund, that aims to maximise gains for its investors. It specialises in UK/US equities comprised mainly of CFD and spread betting instruments.

Our approach to investing combines a core strategic asset allocation strategy tailored to client goals and risk tolerance levels, with a tactical asset allocation overlay enabling us to shift within and across asset categories depending upon the relative attractiveness of investment opportunities.  



No Annual Management Fees

We seek to minimize costs for our clients by keeping trading costs low. Unlike most funds which charge at least 1% of asset value, we charge a Zero Fee on the assets placed in the fund. Costs and fees are always transparent and clear.

Long and Short Positions

Market positions can be taken in either direction. If the market goes down, the fund can short equities to maximise downside. We are flexible and opportunistic, and take contrarian positions when necessary to identify and exploit undervalued areas of the market.

Segregated Funds

City and Merchant does not hold client money.

Transparent Service

Investors may log in and view their portfolio positions in real time. We approach portfolio construction in a rigorous and methodical manner using proprietary investment screens and cutting-edge portfolio management software.

No Bias When Investing

Fund Manager can invest freely without “in house recommendations” a lot of large banks or institutions use analysts to recommend the stocks they give to their clients. The Bomore fund is completely independent.