About Freyherr

Company Profile

Freyherr International Group PLC is the UK parent company of a group engaged in the production of medical cannabis, cannabis cultivation and the production of cannabis dosing and dispensing packaging. Operations are centred in Slovenia and the group principally operates within the EU.

The group currently consists of three operating companies:

Freyherr d.o.o (Slovenia) has expertise in the cultivation and harvesting of cannabis as well as the formulation, marketing and distribution of cannabis and cannabis derived concentrates and extracts. It is currently growing cannabis in Slovenia and has invested in various cannabis production facilities in other jurisdictions.

Freyherr Pharma d.o.o is the analytics and pharmaceutical arm of the group and holds an EU GMP certificate. It operates from it’s own certified building and manufactures CBD products for the group and produces white label CBD products supplying them to various EU countries.

Patron d.o.o is the dosing and dispensing arm which has been trading since 2015; it markets products suitable for dispensing concentrates and extracts of all sorts of nutritional and pharmaceutical products. The company also offers Cannabinoid analysis to identify the THC, CBD or CBN levels in a given extract, concentrate, or plant.